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Large commercial doors typically require heavier duty operator systems due to their weight, opening specifications, and or frequency of use. Thankfully, we are an authorized LiftMaster dealer and have their entire array of products to choose from to fit your needs. Many new units feature MyQ technology, making them able to be monitored and controlled all from an app on your phone.

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Special door tracking applications, such as full vertical, low headroom, and high-lift clearance tracking are regular in our line of work and can often be adjusted without a full door replacement. We also service and replace dock equipment such as dock levelers, bumpers, seals and shelters. Here are some of the other great services we offer:

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Northside Garage Doors Frequently Asked Questions

At Northside Garage Doors our objective is to be upfront with our customers.

My door starts to go down, then goes back up again and won’t close?

This is likely a issue with the safety photo sensors at the bottom corners of the door. Make sure there is nothing blocking them or dust/debris on the lenses. Both sensors should have a pin light what should be on and glowing constantly if they are working properly. Call for additional support.

I press the button inside the garage or my remote control, the door goes up a little ways and stops?

 Usually this means that the door may have a broken spring. This makes the door very heavy, the electric opener is made to sense this and shut off automatically.. We suggest that you do not try and operate the door until repairs have been performed.

My door is making a grinding sound and does not move smoothly?

Usually this means that the door has worn rollers. In some cases the actual wheel falls apart from the shaft and allows the roller to fall apart. We suggest that all the rollers be replaced. Usually there are a total of 10. We suggest that you do not try and operate the door until repairs have been performed.

I press the button in the garage and my remote control. I can hear the motor run in the electric opener, but the door does not move smoothly or not at all?

Usually this means that the drive gear in the electric opener is stripped, not allowing the drive assembly attached to the door to move. We suggest, that you do not try and operate the door. This will cause the motor to overheat and cause more damage. If possible, unplug or turn the power off to the opener.

My keypad is not working?

If the lights flash behind the keypad then it may need to be reprogrammed to your operator, if there are no lights when buttons are pressed then it is likely the 9v battery inside has died.

What is the Difference Between the Belt and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers?

Chain Drive operators are most common and tend to be the most cost effective. Belt Drive operators are the more premium option due to far less noise during operation, beneficial if you have living quarters near or above the garage.

How Can I Get A New Remote Control For My Garage Door Opener?

Call Northside! We have many varieties of remotes in stock, especially for LiftMaster/Chamberlain products. You can stop by our office or call to schedule an appointment for us to provide and program however many you need.

How do I Program My Wireless Keypad to Open and Close My Garage Door Opener?

Programing instructions for your remote or keypad should be in the box provided upon purchase. If instructions are lost, call the manufacturer customer service number for detailed instructions on your specific opener.

Why Does My Garage Door Reverse as Soon as It Hits the Floor?

Your operator likely has a issue with the limit force settings that control how far it is set to open/close. This can be repaired in many cases, however it may be an indication that future replacement is needed if opener is older than 10 years.

Do I need a new automatic operator if I am getting a new door?

If your existing operator is in working condition and up to proper federal code then there should be no issue in hooking it up to your new door. We only recommend replacement if it is apparent that the existing unit may damage the new door or if consistent repairs are likely due to age/damage/wear and tear.

Can My Garage Door Be Painted?

Yes, garage doors are able to be painted by homeowners or contractors after installation. Just make sure your painters do NOT paint behind the weather seal or in between sections, especially with darker colors. Your door could be sealed shut after paint dries and not operate properly or at all until fixed.

Can I replace panels instead of replacing my full door?

In most cases, yes. Depending on installation date and manufacturer availability, panels can be ordered to replace damaged ones instead of replacing the entire door.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain My Garage Door?

We recommend routine maintenance on your door(s) twice a year, generally around the change of seasons. This entails lubrication of all rollers and hinges at the joints with a multi-purpose lubricant.

What Materials Are Commonly Used for Garage Doors?

Steel is the most common material used for garage doors today. Polystyrene and polyurethane are most common insulation types used. Wooden doors are nearly all obsolete or fully customized and built to order. If your wooden door has damaged panels, then a full replacement will likely be more cost effective than repair.

How can I enhance garage door security?

There are many ways you can make your garage more secure, keypads, interior slide locks, keyed exterior locks, or a new operator enhanced with MyQ Technology , allowing you to monitor activity right from your phone. LiftMaster’s latest belt driven motor even has a built-in security camera for constant monitoring and peace of mind. Call for pricing today!

How do I Choose the Right Garage Door for My Home?

Call Northside! The array of garage door options can be overwhelming at times, but our technicians and office staff can help you through the decisions and give you some tips and tricks from our years of experience in the industry.

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